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خلف الحجاب

خلف الحجاب

Beyond The Veil

10:11min  |  2017 

Unable to recognize whom she has become, a Muslim woman exposes herself to her most intimate thoughts facing a crucial turning point on her journey to self-discovery. Although constantly pondering her place in the physical world, her self-doubt expands into her spiritual realm.

Audio language: Arabic        
Subtitles language: English

In humanizing the narrative of one individual, I hope that shedding light on her various dimensions leads to a better understanding and respect for individuality. A conscious individuality that is part of a collective, bound by ties to her God, her religion, her culture, and herself, yet as much as she is influenced by her surroundings what she is yearning for is self-understanding. By portraying a veiled woman, who is often objectified for her outer appearance, I offer a deep reflection into the moment of self-awareness. Her journey is a journey that we all take at one point in life and I hope that we can all find a piece of ourselves in her.

Student Thesis

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