Beyond The Veil | خلف الحجاب

(2017) -- Directed by Sandy Ismail

Unable to recognize who she has become, a Muslim woman exposes herself to her most intimate thoughts facing a crucial turning point on her journey to self discovery.

Official Selection | Finalist: World of Women Film Fair Middle East, Dubai (2017)

Official Selection: Video Art & Experimental Film Festival, NY (2018)

Official Selection: Greenwich Village Film Festival, NY (2018)

Official Selection: WIND International Film Festival, CA (2018)

Official Selection: Queens World Film Festival Queens, NY (2019)

Official Selection: The Women's Voices Now Online Film Festival, CA (2019)

Official Selection: Dumbo Film Festival, NY (2019)

Official Selection: 14th Arab Film Festival, MI @ the Arab American National Museum (2019)

blue hands by duendita

Director + Writer: Sandy Ismail

Cinematographer: Alexander Echevarria

AC: Godfred Sedano

Gaffer: Sawyer Purman
Editor: Sandy Ismail

Magdalena by duendita

Directors + Writers: Sandy Ismail & Godfred Sedano

Cinematographer: Alexander Echevarria (Part 1) , Sandy Ismail + Natasha Wong (Part 2)

Editor: Sandy Ismail & Godfred Sedano

What's Up With You? by Anna Wise
Directors: Anna Wise + Sandy Ismail
Producer: Godfred Sedano
Cinematographer: Alexander Echevarria 
B CAM: Jackson
Edited by Sandy Ismail

Brainchild pres. Duendita | Boiler Room: Streaming From Isolation 

Directed by Sandy Ismail

Camera Operators: Sandy Ismail, Godfred Sedano, Ethan Sedano

Edit: Sandy Ismail

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