Beyond The Veil | خلف الحجاب

(2017) -- Directed by Sandy Ismail

Unable to recognize who she has become, a Muslim woman exposes herself to her most intimate thoughts facing a crucial turning point on her journey to self discovery.

In humanizing the narrative of one individual, I hope that shedding light on her various dimensions leads to a better understanding and respect for individuality. A conscious individuality that is part of a collective, bound by ties to her God, her religion, her culture, and herself, yet as much as she is influenced by her surroundings what she is yearning for is self-understanding. By portraying a veiled woman, who is often objectified for her outer appearance, I offer a deep reflection into the moment of self-awareness. Her journey is a journey that we all take at one point in life and I hope that we can all find a piece of ourselves in her.


Official Selection | Finalist: World of Women Film Fair Middle East, Dubai (2017)

Official Selection: Video Art & Experimental Film Festival, NY (2018)

Official Selection: Greenwich Village Film Festival, NY (2018)

Official Selection: WIND International Film Festival, CA (2018)

Official Selection: Queens World Film Festival Queens, NY (2019)

Official Selection: The Women's Voices Now Online Film Festival, CA (2019)

Official Selection: Dumbo Film Festival, NY (2019)

Official Selection: 14th Arab Film Festival, MI @ the Arab American National Museum  (2019)
Premiered @ International Center of Photography

For Freedoms: Where Do We Go From Here? Exhibition 2019

Santiago by Isa Reyes

Each step of Isa's journey touches on the importance of time, grief, acceptance, and loss of innocence. It is okay to fear and cry now, but it's never too late to start over again. "Follow the signs," as Santiago (The Alchemist) did and others in this lifetime. When you come to an understanding with yourself and make a choice at a difficult time in your isn’t to avoid it but to be at a point where you can feel the blues and carry on the memories without falling apart internally.


Directed By Sandy Ismail Creative Producer: Caine C. Production Manager: Godfred C. Sedano
Director of Photography: Xavi Portillo
1st AC: Caine C.
2nd Camera Unit: Godfred C. Sedano
Key & Grip: Daniel Ennab Production Sound Recordist: Caine Harmon
Colorist: Natasha Wong Editor: Sandy Ismail & Godfred Sedano
VFX: Caine C. Special

Thanks, Jonathan Alvarez and Afrooklyn Track Credits Written, Recorded by Isa Reyes Produced by Gamal Abdu & Caine Casket Mixed by Kenneth Pineda & Kenneth Pineda Mixed & Mastered by Kenneth Pineda Bass by 13th Law

bio [live] by duendita and NB

Director: Sandy Ismail

Producer: Godfred Sedano
Associate Producer: 90 Degree Collective
Production Coordinator: Mark Luxama
Cinematographer: Alexander Echevarria

1st AC: Maisie Gibb
Steadicam Operator: Kyle Derry
Key Grip: Stalin Lluvi
Sound Technician: Ben Julia
Colorist: Natasha Wong
MUA: Idalis Rideout

blue hands by duendita

Director + Writer: Sandy Ismail

Cinematographer: Alexander Echevarria

AC: Godfred Sedano

Gaffer: Sawyer Purman
Editor: Sandy Ismail

Magdalena by duendita

Magdalena, a song written in memory of duendita's aunt. It celebrates life and the beauty of death. It revolves around two young girls (young versions of duendita + her cousin Lily) who are accompanied throughout the day in their Queens neighborhood by a mysterious presence, that brings guidance and contentment.

The mysterious presence is a representation of grief and faith. It is important to love and cherish moments with loved ones..and when they are gone..the awareness with people you have came across throughout life will always be there in unspeakable ways.

“Her Aunt had raised her while her mom would work and take care of the two. Hearing the description of the real Magdalena we immediately thought of taking the image of this guardian angel and making it come to life. We were inspired by Studio Ghibli films Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro both containing characters who have mute guardians. We had originally wanted a more animal-like creature, but we connected with the films due to the innocent nature and the fantastical elements.” - Sandy Ismail + Godfred Sedano


Directors + Writers: Sandy Ismail & Godfred Sedano

Cinematographer: Alexander Echevarria (Part 1) , Sandy Ismail + Natasha Wong (Part 2)

Editor: Sandy Ismail & Godfred Sedano

What's Up With You? by Anna Wise
Directors: Anna Wise + Sandy Ismail
Producer: Godfred Sedano
Cinematographer: Alexander Echevarria 
B CAM: Jackson
Edited by Sandy Ismail

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